The Ultimate Guide To heatmaps and its benefits

Heatmaps a new tool in today’s digital marketing world. In simple terms it can be termed as the tool to measure the success of your website. It is a graphical presentation that uses colour coding to represent different values. It shows user behaviour on specific web pages or web page templates. It shows where the users have clicked on a page, how far they have scrolled and been on a particular web page.

The benefits of heat maps are very rewarding. It helps to know which areas of your website are getting more clicks. This analysis is shown in a visual image which is very easy to understand at a glance. Later the same analysis is used to plan out a strategy. Heat maps are the most popular insight tools available to any company which wants to improve its user experience on their website.

Analytics tools like Google Analytics or Site Catalyst are great at providing metrics to show which pages users visit but they can lack detail when it comes to understanding how users engage with those pages. Heatmaps can give a more comprehensive overview of how users are really behaving.

Heatmaps are also a lot more visual than standard analytics reports, which can make them easier to analyse at a glance. This makes them more accessible, particularly to people who are not accustomed to analysing large amounts of data.

Good heatmapping tools, such as Heatmaps enable analysts to segment and filter the data. This means that it can be easy to see how different types of users are engaging with a particular page

Benefits of Heatmaps
Direct overview of web page performance:
It draws instant attention to important issues in your website. There are different types of heat maps. A click heat map reveals the clicking patterns of the users. It shows the visibility of your website. Attention shows which part of your web page most is engaging to its users. Movement it tracks the movement of the mouse. Lastly GEO heatmaps shows the territories or countries where usage are higher or lower.

Providing visual paths to understand the numeric values:
A well known saying fits well here,“ A picture is worth a thousand words”, and a heatmap similarly is worth a thousand numbers.

Its major benefit is picture is easier to understand rather than numbers written in columns and rows. A graph made from an excel having numbers are much easier to understand at a glance rather than the whole spreadsheet. A spread sheet presentation will be having a higher bounce rate rather than the rest of read more the website and the spreadsheet numbers would not be able to explain the reason behind it.

The same data if reviewed in a heat map quickly reveals the problematic click rate rate is due to a link being hidden in other misleading elements, or that a high bounce rate could be explained by a low-visibility page.

Heatmaps is the best tool to conceptualise and interpret data and patterns making it easier for the analytics and designers to make changes according to the gaps identified by studying the heat maps.

User friendly web design:
Effective web designing is not an easy job. Any website which looks good and complete involves hours of research and work. It involves questioning your own choices and recognizing areas of improvement. In a web design learning from the users is very important. Heatmaps plays a very important role to make out what your audience does, what they are liking and what not. Navigational patterns can also be known by the use unfiltered feedback. One can also check the success of future websites before opening to large number of audience.

Better understanding of your audience choice and providing them with more better experience
Web design is a visual communication art and the various elements of a website displays a series of messages. The goal of the designer could be to sell a service, product or an idea to your users who are a part of the conversation. The designer needs to show interest in understanding how they react to your message and understanding of a particular post on the webpage. One has to design the website in a manner that it stands out of the crowd in order to attract maximum audience

This also involves understanding what are the things that the audience dislikes and get distracted while searching, and this is why friction scores on heatmaps can be so helpful. Such a tool can automatically track data to give you an idea of where and when the user has the dislike

Heatmap filters can show how different your audience reacts to the same web page. Listening to a specific audience lets you offer them a better experience.

Helps companies make knowledgeable choices
It helps the managers to make better choices from the available web design choices. Users can analyse which webpage is having all the requirements as per their need.

One more important area which heat maps cover is exposing dangerous frauds. These one amongst the various heat map options available. Senior management and boards can benefit from periodically requesting and discussing fraud-risk maps. One section is likely and the unlikely, but potentially most dangerous, fraud risks the company faces? How can we know that the frauds are happening and in which areas? And what’s being done to prevent them?

Ideally, fraud risk heat maps are built through a collaborative effort involving people of different levels and across functions and represent a consensus about the potential financial, regulatory, and the impacts various frauds could create on the Company’s reputation. The heat maps depicted here show hypothetical assessments of fraud risks, prior to risk mitigation by controls, in companies in two different industries. They illustrate how risks can vary dramatically from one company to the other. It helps the Company to identify the risk factor and take the necessary steps to overcome them in advance.

The best Side of best internet marketing agency

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The price of Internet marketing differs relying on the services you will need. There are several different types of companies that tumble below Internet marketing, so your price tag will count on which solutions you utilize.

Talk to the subsequent inquiries that can assist you come across the appropriate digital marketing agency for your personal subsequent challenge.

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Six Sigma In Digital Marketing

Now a days apart from the traditional methods of marketing of television, newspapers, advertisement hoardings etc ; digital marketing is now the talk of the importance and more and more people are found using the medium for marketing their products. However it requires lot of skills including web designing, search Engine optimisation, content creation and data analysis.

DMAIC is one of the principle techniques in Six Sigma. It is data driven strategy to improve the marketing process without hindrances. The word DMAIC is an Acronym used for the five connected phases as DEFINE, MEASURE, ANALYSE, IMPROVE AND CONTROL. Same can be summarised as below:

Define– Identifying the problems and finding out concrete solutions to resolve the problems
Measure– Collecting the current data base as to find where currently the Company is standing in terms of the Companies into digital marketing.
Analyze Analysing the current database and figuring out what are the in demand things and what are getting maximum clicks on social media and what is the latest trend in the digital market.
Improve– On after analysing the database finding out the a process which leads to improvement in the selected areas. Ensuring that no wastes created during the process and that only effective processes are put into C
Control– Setting controlling guidelines and ways and means to get the set Goals most effective and their sustainability
Hence Six Sigma is a unique method to understand the need of the customer and is a comprehensive and flexible system for achieving the desired results, sustaining them and in turn maximising the business results

Then the next question arises is what is the meaning of LEAN SIX SIGMA: It is a set of tools and methods used to minimise the waste and maximising the results in the process of implementation of SIX SIGMA tool DMAIC.

People having proficiency in this method are given BELTS of different colors or you can say levels which signifies experience based on the managerial abilities of the person in dealing with the process of SIX SIGMA.

Benefits of Six Sigma in Digital Marketing :
Time management efficiency: Six sigma tools above help the managers to improve the working of the Company and process the work flow without interruptions. Time saved by applying these techniques may be invested in improving the other areas of the Company which in turn will improve the overall business efficiency.
Reduced cycle time: With six sigma tools in implementation there minimal chances of break down in the Company’s work flow. Company is able to meet its targets well in time and deadlines to me as targeted. If the DMAIC methodology is used effectively and actively by the managers and each employee are held responsible for their duties and responsibilities, all the loop holes are identified well in advance and corrective measures are taken then the work cycle time can be reduced by 35%. This ensures timely deliveries and optimum results.
Supply Chain Management: Managing the supply chain is a crucial step in an organisation. Any problems here will directly affect the Company’s end result. Six Sigma tool like DMAIC can assist the Managers to improve efficiency by cutting down the number of suppliers that the company is dependant on which in turn becomes cost effective and results into lesser defects in the work process flow.
Customer satisfaction : Every company intends to make its customers happy which the key factor in the current competitive world of marketing. Six sigma helps to analyse a customer’s perspective on its product and measure the satisfaction levels and also to figure the dissatisfied areas. The chances of dissatisfaction are reduced to a considerable extent. If the expectation of the customers are met then it will result into customer’s loyalty and also in business expense reduction turn invite new customers
Hence to summarise in the end SIX Sigma works in improving continuous quality management, customer satisfaction, reduced Company cost. Companies are benefiting from its implementation and hence Six Sigma is getting implemented in more and more companies and professionals like Black Belts are getting recruited to make the implementation process effective.

Ways to Reduce Business Expenses

Ways to Reduce Business Expenses
There are two main variables that will determine the profitability of your business: the revenue that is coming in and the expenditures that are going out. Controlling these two variables is essential to have a healthy, operating business.

For most businesses, the largest expenses include:

Personnel and benefits
Physical location
Capital equipment
Development costs
Cost of goods sold , including inventory.
Focus on controlling these expenses to make the biggest impact on your bottom line.

In order to keep your finances on track, you need to know how to reduce business expenses. Keeping expenses low is a crucial part of operating a business. To lower your business costs, try these five cost cutting strategies for small businesses.

Below are the 5 ways to reduce business expenses
Simplify staffing costs
To lower your personnel costs, try these strategies.

Reduce your FTE by rewriting job descriptions based on needed duties
Hire independent contractors or temporary workers when needed
Go to a 4-day work week
Outsource your payroll, benefits and human resource functions
Hire a virtual assistant or answering service
Lower your office building overhead
In order to reduce your office space expenses, consider these alternatives.

Talk to your landlord about renegotiating your lease. Most landlords would rather have a tenant paying a little less than having an empty storefront or office space.
If you have the space, consider sub-letting your unused space. Just make sure you discuss this with your insurance agent – changes to your property coverage may be needed.
Look at your energy costs. Save money by installing a programmable thermostat and put your lights on a timer. Purchase energy-efficient appliances and have an energy audit done and consider implementing the recommendations.
Turn off equipment when not in use.
Comparison-shop internet and telephone service providers. Or save money by bundling those services.
Save money on equipment
Most businesses need equipment to operate, whether it’s a multi-million dollar manufacturing piece of equipment or a traditional copier, printer and shredder. The cost of new equipment can add up, so consider buying used office furniture or refurbished electronic equipment. Save money by finding devices that have multiple functions in a single piece of equipment.

Protect your business from theft
Your business may become vulnerable to criminals, including cyber attacks. All it takes is a single compromised password to cripple your business. You’ll need to invest some money in security standards, here but modern camera security systems are relatively inexpensive and educating your employees goes a long way toward protecting your online presence.

Protect your business from other losses
There are many types of business losses that can drastically affect your business, such as:

Natural disasters
Unexpected changes that cause your business to come to a standstill.
6. Outsourcing your Digital Marketing

You should consider hiring a digital marketing agency
Outsourcing your digital marketing reduces business expenses to a great extent in terms of
Seo tools
This can be advantageous in reducing a big chunk of expense
Digital marketing agencies are specialised in running advertising campaigns and can generate leads if opted for.
Talk with your business management advisory agent to ensure you are covered in the event of a viable threat. Ask about ways to reduce your rates such as selecting the same provider for all your insurance needs and committing to safer ongoing practices.

These tips will help you budget for expenses more accurately and, ultimately, lower your expenses. If you can do this consistently, while also increasing the revenue your company generates, your business will become more profitable. In order to be successful, keep focusing on ways to control your spending while making wise decisions that support the growth of your business.

Business Management Consultant Benefits

12 Benefits of a Business Management Consultant
A business owner has already basic skills like the core idea, knowledge of the product, potential market, various factors like cost of establishment, infrastructure, transportation, resources, staff recruitment etc. to name a few. Because of these natural instinct and skills only a person become a business owner.

However, an enterprise may require an expert a business management consultant under various circumstances. To make a decision regarding this one has to keep in mind the volume of the business, type of product in which they are dealing and any particular situation.

These factors are essential since there are many types of management consultant and one has to be careful before finalising a consultant.

Following are the benefits of hiring a business management consultant
Review of a situation objectively
A business management consultant has the knack of analysing any situation quickly and review it objectively, hence he/she lists out issues and also arriving at their best possible solution

2) Resolution of any third-party problem

Any entrepreneur has to deal with number of categories of people like suppliers, staff, clients government officials’ media and so on. It is natural that despite best efforts, sometimes the circumstances go beyond control and problem or a challenging situation does arise.

The business management consultant due to his vast experience and knowledge advises the entrepreneur the best options to resolve the so-called problem.

3) Identification of an opportunity.

This applies in general to anybody’s life and business is no exception. Timely grabbing an opportunity and transforming the same in the benefit for the business proves to be significant for the prosperity of a business.

Opportunity can come in many forms like a large scale tender, a favourable change in government policy, invention of modern technology which is very useful for the business. While the entrepreneur is pre occupied with so many things the consultant brings to his notice and advises the best use of the opportunity.

4) Seeking advice for arranging of funding

Funding is like oxygen for any business venture. The more the options for procuring the funds more the confusion. An experienced consultant studies the requirements of his clients and selects the optimum method of availing finance – prompt least hazardous yet economical.

5) Initiating change in working or any specific area

At times, the entrepreneur is unable to find out the reason for non-achievement of his goals. One of the reasons for this is some defect in the process, supply, production, supplier becoming non-cooperative etc.

Even if the business man knows the issues, he or she is afraid to effect any change. The consultant not only finds the area where a change becomes compulsory but also advises his client as to the method of implementation of required change which ultimately proves to be beneficial.

6) Need for Assistance only on temporary basis

In case of small business enterprises there is no need of prolonged consultation. Proper advice and implementation of measures advised by consultant to deal with a particular temporary situation is sufficient.

7) Assistance needed at executive level

At executive level, major decisions are required to be taken within a timevframe and a senior experienced consultant can be of great help to guide the executive

8) Providing In-house education to the staff

A trained knowledgeable staff is a great asset to his company. The consultant provides specific in-house training to the staff as a result the overall performance of the enterprise shows great improvement.

9) Providing Help in recruiting

The directors of an enterprise are not the masters in all the fields like IT, production engineering, operations. It is very important to select the most suitable candidate for key positions. A specialised consultant helps in selection process for choosing the best candidate.

10) Socio-economic and political changed

The history of commerce shows that these two factors have altered the entire scenario of certain gigantic companies. As such changes cannot be foreseen by general people except the consultants, the entrepreneur has to seek comprehensive guidance from a consultant. Timely action saves the business from downfall.

11) Providing assistance for compliance of government regulations.

This situation applies to all medium and large industries. Mostly the government regulations are complex and only an expert can interpret them correctly and advise measures to be taken to fully comply with the applicable regulations thereby avoid any breach and protect the reputation of the enterprise.

12) Conflict resolutions with client or supplier

In any business a conflict with a client may arise any time, despite best efforts to avoid such situations. here Client dissatisfaction can cause big harm to the reputation of the enterprise resulting ultimately in downfall in sales.

Even conflict with an old supplier may sometimes affect the operations negatively. The consultant plays the role of any advisor in both these cases and major difficulty can be avoided.

13) Advice during unforeseen crisis – bonus

In the present time of constant changes, uncertainty is inevitable. In any business a crisis can occur any time and in any area. Every time ready made solution may be not handy.

The entrepreneur may not be in a position to find a way out due to anxiety, lack of experience etc. A proper consultant can play a major role of an adviser due to experience and knowledge.

Categories of Business Management Consultants
Such consultants are required for mega projects or large companies. At times even world class capable experts are required

2) Vendor

For small business adequate performance low cost supplier can act as your consultant.

2) Game changer

This type of consultant is needed in case a large company faces issues of lagging behind in competition sales are going down despite the best quality etc. Here the experts provide solution that no one else can think of.

4) Total solution provider

These types of consultants are needed by multinational companies. The consultant is not an individual here, instead a firm, a company designates a team of consultants who are experts in different fields and they work in an integrated manner.

Any business involves strategy, structure, management and operations. A consultant may help a business to improve their performance and prosper, solves various types of problems like high cost, delay in production, here distribution, poor marketing, unsatisfactory customer services, legal issues, high cost of finance, lack of job-knowledge in staff, unexpected changes in government policy, confusion in selecting a suitable candidate.

From the above detailed narration, it is very clear and obvious that a proper consultant can play a major role in prosperity of an enterprise and rescue the business from a crisis. Whereas an inexperienced, ignorant consultant can prove to be one of the causes of business disaster.

We at Parikh’s Profit Max have unblemished track record of business management consultancy and provide all types of services listed above.

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